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“Tom Schenck is a leader in the field of independent school admissions- a brilliant combination of decades of experience with tried and true approaches with imaginative outside-the-box strategic thinking that’s so important in these unprecedented and challenging times.”

Peter ThorpPeter Thorp, Headmaster Emeritus

“Tom’s dynamic personality and creative approach helped changed our team’s mindset from passive to proactive… They became empowered and added over 2,000 more referral sources, and dramatically increased our applications in 3 months and ultimately grew enrollment!”

Robin JarchowRobin Jarchow, Headmaster Emeritus

“Regarding the materials you’ve created…I think you’re a master teacher. There is an obvious pedagogical organization that would make any admission officer feel incredibly encouraged and excited by the opportunity to grow. I could hear a rookie or experienced pro looking at this and saying to themselves. “this will take me to the next level: it’s the secret sauce that makes some people great!”

Michael RobinsonMichael Robinson, Headmaster Emeritus

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